About DataFornix

DataFornix is an automated identity verification platform that collects documents from your customers, digitize them, and store securely with strong end-to-end encryption. The access of these documents is controlled by users and they can verify their identity to third parties using our APIs. You can validate the identity of your customers through DataFornix’s Identity Verification Process that involves visual recognition, voice confirmation, and an OTP on the mobile device of the customer.

DataFornix's Mission

DataFornix aims to make customer onboarding seamless, fast and simple, keeping their privacy at the forefront. We also strive to prevent identity theft and fraud, thus establishing and sustaining online trust in an unsafe digital world.

What Do We Do?


Getting mandatory documents from your customers and digitising them is an expensive task. DataFornix can make this process more convenient for your customers and cost-effective for the organisation. Along with converting documents in the PDF, DataFornix also uses OCR to extract and digitise the data present in the documents. We support various types such as identity documents, passport, driving license, utility bills, and can extend our model to read any documents you may need to digitise & store.

of Identity

If you are required to validate the identity of your customers before any services can be provisioned to them, DataFornix can help. DataFornix can manage the entire Identity Verification Process for your customers using a mobile app. This identity verification involves voice confirmation, visual recognition, and an OTP on the customer’s mobile device.

Secure Storage
of Documents

Our digital vault capabilities can be used to build a global view of the documents shared by a customer with your organisation. These documents are stored with strong end-to-end encryption and their access, visibility, and ownership is controlled by the customer and the financial institution.